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Ryobi electric chainsaw, 2300 W, with its blade length of 40 cm, is ideal for work in the home and garden. Ryobi Chainsaw tool-free changing and tensioning of the chain and the automatic chain lubrication make the saw extraordinarily user-friendly and easy to maintain. The Ryobi electric chainsaw is equipped with a fast chain brake that stops the chain in less than 0.12 seconds to ensure job and operational safety. Also, GripZoneTM rubber-coated grip surfaces provide optimum grip for any position. As another safety measure, the device is equipped with a security key with an unlocked lock. The electric chainsaw was able to convince almost all buyers of its performance. The machine’s pulling power, with which you can also see through thicker trunks, and the simple handling, which even laypeople understand with the instructions’ help, are notably praised.

Ryobi Electric Chainsaw, The buyers were also impressed by the chain stop installed for occupational safety. So when you let go of the switch, it should bring the chainsaw to a standstill immediately, which significantly reduces the risk of injury. Clean cuts could be achieved with the bar and chain without causing coarse chips. One buyer praised the artistry and added that you would immediately notice how well balanced the chainsaw was in use. Ryobi Electric Chainsaw a unique feature is the Live tool-IndicatorTM -LED light, which glows in blue light as long as the Ryobi electric chainsaw is connected to the electrical circuit. Also, there is a cable strain relief for the optimal protection of the supply line. Using the transparent oil tank, the fill level can be checked easily at any time.

Ryobi Electric Chainsaw Reviews, Specs & Ryobi Electric Price

Ryobi Electric Chainsaw For Sale & %40 Off 125$ **2021 New Chainsaw


Ryobi Electric Chainsaw Product Details

  • Power: 2300 watts
  • Product dimensions: 50.5 x 25.5 x 28.5 cm
  • Product weight: 5.7 kg
  • Product weight including packaging: 7 kg
  • Color: green, black
  • Drive Type: electric
  • No batteries required
  • Sword length: 40 cm
  • Chain speed: 16 m / s
  • Chain pitch: 3/8 ″
  • Oil tank: 200 ml
  • Automatic chain lubrication
  • Toolless chain tension
  • Chain brake

Contact Information

Phone: 1 (202) 585 (0788)

Fax         202 – 559 – 0159

Ryobi Electric Chainsaw Chain. what oil is needed for a Ryobi Electric Chainsaw How to use Ryobi Electric Chainsaw and how set up

1(202) 555 (0188) Please Add a comment before Ryobi Chainsaw’s calling; we will inform your mail address of the boats’ owner. They will reach your phone.

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The Ryobi brand produces chainsaws with years of experience.

Ryobi Electric Chainsaw

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